Psychological Services for First Responders

“Where Heroes Go for Help”

Our psychological services for first responders is  designed to enhance the emotional, behavioral, and physical wellness of current and/or former first responders. We recognize the unique difficulties those who serve the public as a first responder experience and we have the training and experience to address your needs.

Many first responders avoid seeking professional help because of concerns related to stigma; concerns that seeking help or direction may be a sign of weakness. We consider the decision to seek support to be a sign of strength and a reflection of someone who understands the importance of wellness in maintaining a balanced life.

Our services are offered in a confidential setting that is designed specifically for a first responder population. You will have the privacy you desire and will not have contact with any non-first responder during your visit. In other words, no waiting in a crowded waiting room or participating in a group with civilians. First responders in our office do not wait in the lobby, have a private entrance, and are ensured confidentiality at all times. It is a safe environment and a place where you can get the help you need without the hassles of traditional treatment settings.

Our Services:

Individual Counseling

Stress Management

PTSD/Critical Incident Counseling

Substance Abuse (Individual Counseling and Group Support)

Family Counseling

Couples/Marriage Therapy

Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations

Traumatic Incident Psychological First Aid

Fitness for Duty Evaluations


Most insurances are accepted. If we don’t accept your insurance, we offer a specific sliding scale based on the income level of the first responder. Our goal is to serve you regardless of your financial means.

About Us:

Angela Smith, LPC

Ms. Smith is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Argosy University. She specializes in the unique behavioral health needs of a first responder population. As a mother of a firefighter and daughter of a former police officer, she also recognizes the challenges faced by family members of first responders. She has specialized training in working with first responders and actively treats this population. Ms. Smith is a regular contributor to the Enforce Health App for Law Enforcement, writing and speaking on behavioral health topics relevant to a first responder population.

John Azar-Dickens, Ph.D.

Dr. Azar-Dickens is a Licensed Psychologist and a mandated police officer. He serves part-time with the City of Rome Police Department, where he regularly works as a patrol officer. He is also a presenter for the prestigious Force Science Institute, where he trains officers around the country on behavioral science principles in police use of force and de-escalation.

Contact Us:

We can be reached at 706-232-6743. Our website is

Our address is 109 John Maddox Drive, Suite 200, Rome, Georgia 30165.