Our Services

Dr. Azar-Dickens provides psychological evaluations at the request of courts and attorneys. The goal of these evaluations is to aid the trier of fact in legal decision-making when psychological/mental health issues are involved.  The evaluations also serve as an aid to attorneys who are attempting to better understand the psychological factors involved with their client.

He is also available to consult with attorneys who may be looking for additional information and direction in understanding psychological testing, evaluation, and/or mental health issues involved in a case.

Dr. Azar-Dickens provides pre-employment and fitness for duty evaluations to first responder agencies across North Georgia.  He is also available to consult with agencies on issues related to mental health and evaluation of first responders.  The evaluation process strictly follows IACP and California POST guidelines for evaluation so as to ensure quality and consistency in the event a department is ever involved in legal action.

Services also include psychological first aid for first responders following a critical incident.  This process is designed to educate the responder about potential psychological consequences following exposure to a critical incident/traumatic event and provide support in helping the responder appropriately and smoothly work through residual distress.

Dr. Azar-Dickens also practices with therapists who provide psychological treatment services to first responders.  The practice group caters to a first responder population, with all providers either being previous first responders or having family members who are first responders.

Dr. Azar-Dickens provides case consultation and expert witness testimony in police use of force cases.  His area of expertise is in mental health and/or de-escalation issues, as well as human performance elements involved in use of force.

He also conducts professional trainings around the country in the areas of human performance elements in police use of force, de-escalation, and first responder wellness.